Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And it just keeps getting better

And the fun continues....the next day we worked on more ice dyeing in the morning, choosing a different color palette.
 I wanted to work in mustards and browns this time.
 I used a "4th" piece on top of the scrunched 3 pieces on the tray as it seemed to work out well the day before.
 We also did another "confetti" bucket. This time - lime green and navy - 2 great colors that should melt well together.
 And the results are in...
 and we're running out of room on the clothesline. Most of these are Kates and Mary's.
 Kate had another spectacular "bottom of the tray" piece - far right.
 I loved this piece and don't remember who it belongs to but it's very mottled and beautiful in person.
 This is probably my favorite piece. I'm always drawn to subtle colors. This was a re-do of one of Mary's pieces; it came out glorious.

 think I see a lot more of this in our future.......
 This one dyed in second go-round in browns and golds.... I took this picture at home. I'm loving the crystal effect.
 And this is my "confetti" bucket piece. They all turned out great using the navy and lime.
 In the afternoon it was on to easy "Shibori" with paint - stay tuned for more on that tomorrow.

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