Monday, November 11, 2013

Leaf Peepin' - Don't Think So

Last week, hubby and I went for a ride to see some beautiful fall color. The leaf color has been late in coming this year so we thought we might still be in for a treat.
Forgetting about the high elevation on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the beautiful leaves had come and gone, but what we saw was breathtaking in another way.
And it's the cold stuff, but what unusual and beautiful formations.
I love the long icicles on this rock. When I was a kid, we used to eat icicles thinking that was so cool to do.
The ground icicles were the most fascinating.
I think they formed around weeds which you couldn't see, but how cool is this. This is the photo I'm going to play with in Photoshop Elements and layer with another picture. I think it might be really interesting.
All that remained of beautiful fall leaves were under the icicles.

We drove a little further and came upon this scene. All the trees had ice on the branches so the tree shape was kept intact - It was a beautiful sight.
This was taken at Craggy Gardens which is very high up.
I particularly loved this bush; it looked like it had been spray painted white.
As we drove on further down, the weather was brighter, warmer and still some color. This little touch of winter was so unexpected and really pretty to see. I'm one of those rare birds who likes winter, I love the coziness of it, so this was a thrill for me.
Til next time...

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  1. I didn't realize the transformation was already underway along the parkway.......beautiful......I hope I can express those same feelings when the ice/snow comes to our area! Grinning.....