Sunday, November 17, 2013

PTA - November 2013

I always look forward to our monthly PTA meetings - such a fun and talented group. This month we met at the home of Janice M. It was very cold outside and Janice had some hot mulled wine waiting for us. After lunch it was on to Show and Tell - always a highlight. Usually my pics are okay but because of the angle I was shooting, many were blurred. So here are some that turned out.
 You can see the sleeve of a new piece Connie made - crocheted and beautiful. This is her quilt using a center panel that was quite old - really a nice piece.
 This is Kate's latest piece. Kate does a lot of marbling and loves working with the stones pattern. Her tiny circle quilting in between the stones is remarkable - wish I had gotten a close up. She also has a unique way of mounting each piece.
 These wonderful hand knitted socks belong to a pair of feet - either Barbaras or Gens - the 2 sock knitters in the group, they were fantastic. As I've mentioned before, not being a knitter, I would have to frame these and hang them on a wall.
 And I loved this piece by Janice - who is a great, great piecer!
 I know Mary showed this piece on her blog a little while back. What I didn't know was this was her design - a great way to use black and white prints. The binding is made up of all the colors in the splashes of color in the quilt - very cool.
 And still another one from Mary - busy lady..... She is the champion of hand stitching;  this is still in the working stage but looking great.
 We were all fascinated with the purse that Georgia made and brought. She started by making a square quilt - quilted and bound to finish 17". She then manipulated it to make a purse. This is the front - or back.
And this is the other side; it has 3 pocket areas. It was just darling and a great way to use scraps.
As always, great friendships, great ideas and great fun - a good day.


  1. what a fun quilt show today!! love them all

  2. It looks like a wonderfully creative group. That black and white quilt with the brightly colored strips is such a clever way to use those prints.