Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fiber Junkies - Pt. 1 - Life Saver Party

Yesterday we met at my home for our monthly meeting of Fiber Junkies. It was a very lively, fun and productive day. Our project for the day was to explore the use of transparencies as a way to transfer images to fabric (more on that tomorrow). We also celebrated a special birthday for one of our members who was away in Florida at the time of her birthday.  We had a surprise "Lifesaver" party for Val.
 So why Lifesavers?... I remember Val telling me about a favorite aunt who could sew anything. When Val was little, she made her a beautiful blue dress for her birthday...the fabric had Lifesavers on it. So the idea was born - to have a Lifesaver party. I dyed blue fabric for the tablecloth and sprinkled life savers on top.
 Kate decorated party hats with Lifesavers.
 Mary also made a yummy cheesecake with Lifesavers.
 A Lifesaver scepter and crown from Kate, a Lifesaver necklace from me, Gen made one also and Denny made a Thermofax screen featuring Lifesavers - can't wait to see how Val uses that.
 The surprised and happy birthday gal.
 We had crooked hats....
 and time for the lighting of the candles.
 Val blowing out the candles....
 yummy food...
My husband was on hand to get our picture. We had such fun planning this party. Stay tuned for what we actually did at our meeting, it was great fun.

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