Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Home at last

It's great to go away but even better coming home. We had a wonderful visit with friends and family - some highlights.
 Saturday morning markets...
 Meeting the new 1 pound dog - Tank!
 Wonderful lunches with friends...
 and alligators in a near by canal.
 Pelicans perches on poles looking for their next meal.
 Beautiful views...
 and barnacles which I plan to put in photoshop and make into a silk screen.
 More barnacles...
 A doggie beach - yes, a beach just for dogs.
 Beautiful shells - another possible screen..
 Seagulls being friendly so they can steal your Cheetos....
 and dolphins swimming close to shore.
But the most valuable lesson I learned was Not to Forget your feet when putting on sun tan lotion!
A big ouch on this one!
Update on feet - still red, not swollen anymore but very itchy   (-:
Off to my 3 day retreat, Linda is coming in 5 mins to get me. If you've followed my blog, you'll remember our retreat (all the wine in the refrig).......will have lots to report.
Til then

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