Saturday, March 29, 2014

More Results

More results from our fun day of transparency work.  Denny used her own transparencies and had her images printed on them when she arrived. She used a different transparency - an all purpose one and the results were not quite as good as the ones designated for an inkjet. I think the transparency has a lot to do with the results and we probably need to do more experimenting.
Denny is brushing the fabric with an acrylic medium..
and here is the transparency she transferred onto a mottled fabric. I like the way the fabric shows through.
 Another transfer of Denny's which turned out really nice...
and her transfer on organza.  When transferring onto a sheer, place another piece of fabric underneath as the sheer is too thin to absorb all the ink causing it to smear underneath. This extra piece can serve as a dual purpose as the excess ink will be caught by the fabric underneath - not as strong a print, kind of like a ghost image but really interesting.
 Gen brought a wonderful treasure - a whole album filled with old postcards...all were used and mailed so there was writing on each one.  Many of them were over 100 years old.
 Her transfers using color were very successful. We had to remember to reverse the image first in a photo editing program in order for the writing to transfer correctly.
 I loved this next postcard...@ 104 years old. This card could not be sent through the mail as is, open for everyone to see. It was censored and had to be placed in an envelope, the reason being - there were ladies' "bloomers" on the clothesline.
 The pieces are a little stiff as a result of using the medium but you can iron them on the wrong side to flatten and used in an art quilt, work very well.
 Kate had great success transferring to silk organza.
This was Mary's which was transferred onto a batik. I'm anxious to see what all of these wonderful pieces will turn into...Til next time...

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  1. Thanks for sharing more pics from the group! Interesting with the use of different media.