Friday, March 14, 2014

PTA 7th Annual Retreat

I just returned from our 7th annual PTA retreat - great fun as always....Some of the highlights.
 Our "freebee table filled with fabric, books to read, and magazines that need a good home.
 Wonderful snacks including twizzlers to match our outfits.
 Quilts that grew very quickly....
 such as Leigh Ann's. It's really fun to see in person and utilizes a great technique for construction.
 Kate's Trip Around the World, only 1 of 2 quilts she worked on - Kate is a super fast piecer.
 Mary's quilt which will be queen size, doubled it's size from this point in time - Wow
Gen's wonderful red and white quilt - very striking.
Lynn made the top for this lovely quilt; it just needed binding. She used pre-cut Moda fabric squares and they worked like a charm.
 I had a couple of quilts in the works all of them using this line of Moda I purchased many years ago. It still needs a border and then quilting.
 Details...This is the "Block Party" quilt I have on my blog under tutorials.  I've made this many times in the form of an I Spy quilt for children and most recently my granddaughter, how different it looks made up in  this fabric.
 And a good reason for removing pins as you sew....ooops...
 Georgia getting her daily exercise....
 As the clock ticks towards 5:00, we look forward to Happy Hour back at the house.
sitting around the table and answering our question for this retreat. This has become an annual tradition. We're given a question, we answer anonymously on paper - this year - advice our mothers gave us.
It snowed the second night and we woke up to this beautiful scene...not enough to get us stranded....too bad...we had enough fabric, food, wine and laughs to last another day...Already looking forward to next year.


  1. Thanks for sharing a bit of a wonderful looking event...I dream of being able to go to a retreat, but I'm not sure it will happen in this lifetime!
    best, nadia

  2. Oh, how oh how does one get invited to this kind of gathering!!? So envious of the energy and laughter and fun the at went on. Thanks for letting us in on it. sigh. Wish I was there.
    LeeAnna Paylor

    1. LeeAnna, One of our high energy gals - Mary Stori decided years ago that we needed a retreat - She organized the whole event and it was such a wild success, she's been our "cruise director" ever since....We all consider this one of our best times all year.