Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wrapping up the Holidays

It had been an incredibly busy month, even more than the usual holiday craziness. It was great fun but I'm not sorry it's over, time to get back in my studio and I can hardly wait. My granddaughter and daughter were here for 10 days - keeping up with a 2 year old is an experience. 
She loves helping in the kitchen or at least eating the sprinkles. Our baking day yielded some interesting cookies caked thick with icing and other various and sundry things.  
Christmas morning brought the usual excitement only a child can bring. One of Audrey's presents was a fairy costume, left unwrapped and the first thing she saw. On it went and stayed on during every waking minute - for many days I might add.  She also loved wearing her some high heels and a pocketbook to complete the look.
My husband is a woodworker and made this for her. It turned out great and I've been so anxious to share it on my blog but feared my daughter might see it. Whenever I was feeling a little overwhelmed or tired, I went downstairs to visit it which brought an instant smile to my face. It's a combination of maple and walnut woods left natural.
I helped with all the finer details like the mane, tail and harness. My husband had a small plaque made to attach on the underneath part giving the date and whom it was from. I'm hoping it will be a family heirloom - my husband did a great job.
As luck would have it, I was able to find a large plastic bag for wrapping it...
and Christmas morning, Audrey loved it.
On to my birthday which is the end of December; my husband and 2 children managed to throw a surprise party for me - quite a shock. My daughter lured me out of the house all afternoon by taking me to a movie and then a massage. The arrangement was to have everyone park in a nearby cul du sac (throwing off any suspicion of lots of cars when we got home); my son went back and forth picking up people to bring to our house.
It was a wonderful night, the food great and the guest list - so many good friends.
My little fairy showed up and sang me Happy Birthday.
My 2 best guys - husband John and son Mike scurried like crazy to get things done before I got home.
My amazing daughter organized the whole party ....
and even my wonderful friend - Mary, came over early to help with everything.
Even though "no gifts" were stated, Mary made me this beautiful piece of art - all hand and needle felted. This picture doesn't do it justice but I'm hoping she'll go into more detail on her blog. I so appreciate the love and effort that went into making this wonderful piece.
And onto the Clean Up....Once my daughter had left and the dust had settled, time to pack up until next year - a monumental job.
My hallway before...
and my granddaughter loves to say a "naked baby". It does feel so terribly bare so I guess I'll just have to spend more time in my studio. I've been trying to finish up some small pieces in hopes of our PTA group exhibiting at the Pisgah Inn once again this coming year. I also want to start making some pieces using the many photos I took while in Ireland - so that's my New Year's resolution and I'm sticking to it by hook or by crook.  ( - :
I wish you all a very Happy New Year and may 2015 bring you good health and lots of wonderful time in your studio or wherever your favorite place is.
Til next time...

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  1. What a great holiday wrap up post!! Audrey is adorable, the party was wonderful......and oh my....the look on your face when you arrived back home.....Like you said....onward.....may 2015 be a happy and healthy one.