Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fabulous Fiber Junkies

Our Fiber Junkies group recently met to play with dye painting which was great fun. We really didn't have a plan, just anything we wanted to do using thickened dyes. This is the great fun in working/playing with friends - everyone came with a different thought and the creativity was flying.
I decided to do some deconstructive screen printing using leaves and ferns.
Val was just painting shapes and hers will turn into a masterpiece. If you follow my blog, you've heard me talk about Val and what a truly talented lady she is.
Mary was painting on thread as she does a lot of handwork and uses all kinds of floss and heavy threads - yummy.
Gen was working with stripes that she was going to cut up, sounded very interesting.
So we all got the bug to do stripes.
Kate was using stencils, painted with dye and stamped on fabric.
Denny had screened newsprint on fabric; she then silkscreened images of houses she went back and painted - a great look.
And then came the circles. Kate started using the lids of containers, dipping them into dye and stamping with them.
I was also silk screening on top of a deconstructed piece that needed more something.
I also decided to put some crinkles in fabric, paint it with dyes and then silk screen images over that. This was really a "this might be horrible or really nice"!
After washing it out, I liked the results and the little bit of white from creases sets off the pop colors....
and another one I did.
The results from my deconstructive screen printing were not as good as I had hoped for. I think I used too much foliage.
It's hard to distinguish what is happening.
Sometimes the last swipe is the best as a lot of the design elements are gone and you get some "quiet" areas.
Til next time...


  1. I did see some of these on Mary's blog. Such interesting work you all do!!! What a great group and how talented...nice you get to try different techiques!-

  2. I would have loved to have been there doing all of that! I really like the last picture, it looks like a snow scene with trees to me. Loved all the works and pics.

  3. there is a lot of potential with these pieces!