Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween - hope it's lots of fun. I've always loved Halloween but here in this subdivision, we never get any little trick or treaters - not in 9 years which is a disappointment for me. Our subdivision is small with large lots, well no fun in that for the kids. It's too far to go between houses for candy. In my old neighborhood, the houses were close to each other and we got 150 little trick or treaters every year. Living next door to an executive for Mars Candy helped a lot. The Terrys dropped 15 - 20 candybars in each childs' bag.
 BUT we still we decorate - buy the pumpkins..
 and the beautiful mums...
 and interesting gourds...
 and our favorite candy so we can eat the leftovers...
and read our favorite Halloween book which was my daughter's favorite and over 37 years old.
We will turn on the outside lights and have the bowl of candy ready!  We will order pizza, turn on a scary movie and wait for the doorbell to ring....and finally....after a long time....give in to the fact that once again, we'll be having LOTS of candy for dessert! Hope your Halloween is wonderful, safe and full of little trick or treaters!

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  1. I must be getting old!!! We always have 180-230! kids each be honest I'd prefer to leave the basket of candy on the porch and just sit inside letting them take what they want. I I'll be complaining about Christmas! HA It's old age!!