Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Silly Things

I use a lot of deconstructive screenprinted fabric and love the process. If you're unfamiliar with the technique, it goes something like this. You place thin objects, under 1/4" thick under a blank silk screen. You squeegee a thickened dye over the screen which takes on the outline of the different shapes underneath. After the dye dries, you use a clear print paste and squeegee over the top, loosening the dye which is released to a piece of soda ash treated fabric underneath. The most interesting fabric happens and you never know what you'll get (like in a box of chocolates!).
A local craft store had all their Halloween decorations reduced way down I thought...why not, they're less then 1/4" thick, made of soft foam so they should hold up to water. What a fun image to use in deconstructive screen printing. So I went home with some spider webs (Denny would be proud)
a 3-D haunted house which comes apart ...
to give me 2 houses...
and a 3-D tree which also comes apart.
I can't wait until we do deconstructive screen printing again. I think these will make some interesting prints. We usually do this in warmer weather so the screen will dry quickly, so it will be a while. I have plenty to keep me busy until then.


  1. What a great idea! Now I need to check out the clearance stuff.

  2. Clever..who would have thought of using these! Can't wait to see them in 'play' next spring on a screen or two!