Thursday, November 5, 2015

Llamas and Bunnies and Bears....Oh My

The Southeast Animal Fiber Fair took place this past weekend at the Ag Center in Asheville, NC. It is a huge facility with many buildings all of which I was told, used by this group. We recently had our Asheville Quilt Guild quilt show here. It's a perfect venue for this type of show with lots of room to stand back and take it all in. 
I attended this fair several years back and the thing that struck me the most was the incredible amount of color - everywhere!
This was a sock yarn wall. I would love socks in any of the colors here......well almost.
So many of the yarns were braided and variegated.
It was a heaven for anyone who knits, felts or works with rovings, yarn, pelts etc., it was hard to take it all in.
The displays were very unique...
and colorful.
Well of course I loved these little animals, quite expensive as they were all hand made and often used wonderful fleece like alpaca - so soft. At first I thought of my granddaughter, but these are for collectors.
An artist who made Santas with hand carved faces really caught my eye. The beards were made from  Alpaca fleece. Not only were they beautiful but many were life-size.
I'm always drawn to the animals and this French angora rabbit was getting pets from everyone.
My favorite (and kept in another tent) were the Alpacas.
They were very sweet and some had the longest eyelashes. Follow the red arrow - those wisps on his/her face are eyelashes!
They were very approachable and interesting to hear about the farms they lived on.
The Llamas were not as friendly - a little larger and not at all approachable.
It was a fun day, almost makes me want to take up knitting but I know I have not ONE OUNCE of talent for it, so I will stick with fabric. There was a vendor who was selling flat folds of woolens so I did get some tartan plaid yardage and some wonderful hand made soap. I came home a happy camper.