Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Quilt Show

I recently had the great fun of being invited to do a segment for one of the episodes for The Quilt Show, hosted by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. The show can be viewed via computer and with a subscription. However, when a new show is aired, there is a week when it is free for viewing by following a link. My episode is to air tomorrow - November 23. For non-subscribers, it will air free between November 29 and December 6. Click on the button above right (The Quilt Show) and the link should come up.The Quilt Show travels around the country seeking out quilt artists with interesting techniques or work to share. Most shows are divided into 2 segments - 45 mins with one artist and the last 15 mins with another. I'm in the 15 mins of fame category ( - : and am paired with an extraordinary artist - Susan Lutz so I hope you'll watch.
When the Quilt Show came to Asheville, they were invited to film at the Governors mansion which is not a mansion but a lovely home with beautiful views. The morning episode was filmed out on the deck as the sun was still rising and we were facing west;  the morning still cool to be outside.
 It was such an interesting experience to see the many people involved behind the scenes.
 It was also amazing to see how long it took to film a 15 minute segment. This is the gal doing the morning 15 mins and she was working with Ricky Tims.
 Part of the segment includes a demo of a technique and samples of your work.
 Here I am with alex and Ricky.
 In the afternoon with the sun moving west, the deck got to hot and too bright for filming so we moved indoors.
 One of the things I truly loved about the show was the different venues for each show. It is also quite laid back both in filming and interaction between the artist and host - no scripts, just a general idea of what's to be done during your segment. It gave the show a very spontaneous feel and I enjoyed that approach.
The 15 mins segment is with either Alex or Ricky. I had done an episode of Simply Quilts with Alex years ago and loved working with her, so I was very happy to be paired with her again. We had a great connection and it was a wonderful experience. The show airs tomorrow, the 23 for subscribers. For non-subscribers, tune in between November 29 and December 6. Click on the button above right (The Quilt Show) and the link should come up.
Thanks for watching.


  1. How exciting!!! Congrats to you!!!! Will check out the link (hope I remember!)...

  2. What a grand experience for you! Congratulations!

  3. Great to see you and your work on the show. Thank you for the link.