Wednesday, November 18, 2015

You Can't Get Good Help These Days

My group - Fiber Junkies met at my home this past week to play with the technique of collage. My 2 cats Molly and Fraggle love to be where I am, often in my studio and usually don't mind when girlfriends are around. I thought it would be fun to let them supervise and be part of our day. 
They were in charge of supplies, but Molly took it too seriously and wouldn't let anyone near them...
and Fraggle totally fell down on the job and went to sleep, so I had to gently fire them and then it was full steam ahead.
Everyone in this group is the epitome of generosity. I'm always a little nervous when they walk through the front door...Uh...are you staying for a week or more? I'm thinking - No just the day and thought we needed lots of stuff. This is for 5 people - WOW!
We spread ourselves out making it easier to see all we had to work with. Notice the glasses of bubbly which seem to help with the creative process.
Val brought each of us an 8x8 canvas. It was a perfect size for working on and stiff enough to serve as a good substrate. There were other good backings to use, light weight unmounted canvas; I've used single weave 7 oz. for a lot of things, drapery samples, or just plain muslin. All worked well but it was interesting to try the canvas.
We used a variety of materials for the actual collage part from hand made paper, dyed sheers, papers treated with citra solv, fabrics, tulle, lace, buttons. The wonderful thing about being in a group is the creative energy. We all help each other with feedback and input. It makes it that much more fun.
Val was working with mostly paper,  a little fabric and paint. She used an acrylic medium to adhere the pieces in place.
Kate found this painted sheer and this is so Kate - kind of beachy, blues and greens. She will use this as an overlay with some interesting materials underneath. I'm anxious to see the finished piece.
Gen was working with ripped paper turning this
into this, almost finished and a lovely piece.
Kate was also working on trapping silk flowers under a layer of sheer fabric. She started with a sheer on top of a patterned fabric, layered the silk flowers and held them in place with a sparkly sheer - a very pretty effect.
I was using some old tea bags (lower right), sheers, handmade paper and a leaf transfer - a process I do on silk using real leaves and image transfer paper. I also had an old silkscreen done on a sheer of a page from my mother's autograph book from the 1930s. One of the things I love about this process is that you can use bits and pieces so effectively. As quilters we/I tend to save every little piece of fabric etc thinking someday I'll find a place for this, Well...someday has arrived!
Here's Val's finished piece - Amazing as always. Mary is always so productive but was coming down with a cold at the time and just not feeling right, but she got lots of ideas to bring home.
Gen showed us some painted dryer sheets and we decided one of our meetings has to be devoted to painting on sheer materials - anything that is sheer including paper, fabric...whatever.
Kate got the ball rolling. She pulled this out of her pocket - some toilet tissue which had a nice design on it - perfect for painting. We had a big laugh over that.
Our 6th member Denny has not been able to be with us as she's caring for her daughter who had a stroke. Our thoughts and love are always with her and Denny if you're reading this...We miss you!


  1. You gals are always up to something! Interesting pieces!! And to have 'bubbly' certainly is a nice touch!

  2. LOL I saw this get together from a slightly different perspective on Mary's blog. Judy, you all are amazing and daring and what fun you have together! Love your group!

  3. Very interesting, indeed! I particularly like the last piece. :-)