Thursday, November 3, 2016

Disperse Dyes for Dyeing and Printing - Pt. 2

Fiber Junkies met in Oct at Gen's house to continue to work on the technique of dyeing and printing with disperse dyes.  The first meeting was to prepare/paint the papers, the second meeting do the transfer. 
 You can see how easy it is - lay the painted paper face down, iron with high heat. Even if you fabric is not real heat tolerant, you do have the paper in between to serve as a buffer.
Whatever was painted on the paper appears on the fabric. 

Mary also tried blended wool (upper left) worked well
Here is one of Denny's masks on left and how she uses it on right. Denny is great at layering and layering. It's kind of addictive once you start. You can keep adding more and more color or patterning without changing the hand of the fabric.

I loved working with sheers, the upper right started with a background, a butterfly was added and then a tree on top of that (on right). The imagery and color is more subtle so it's hard to over do something.
 And a sheer.
 Some wonderful samples of our days accomplishments.

 Kate brought some curtain samples from a decorators book. They were fun to work with as they has the cardboard border all around giving them stability.

 Here's Gen modeling the last fashion in hat wear.

Gen showed us a neat tool for machine quilting - on left you can barely see it as it's clear. It has a slit going down through the middle which is where you sew and can move it in an direction so the line is continuous. You need a special foot to use this tool. Gen is sewing on her right, loves this tool especially good for those of us who can't sew a straight line.  Well I'm in!!
 And Denny's happy and latest quilt she showed us during lunch. It's sewn with long strips and appliqued flowers on top.

 Mary's latest piece is exquisite, created with old linens and lace and a theme of "silver dollars" as I've always called them - also a money plant.
Such a happy day.

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  1. What great results with the disperse dyes!! Never thought of layering with them!!! Sure hope I remember that next time I use disperse dyes! HA
    Of course Mary's silver dollar piece is fabulous!!!