Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fiber Junkies Nov, 2016 (Queen for a Day)

Fiber Junkies met at my home yesterday and what fun it was. John (hubby) bumped into Gen on the way out wearing the same vest so had to get a picture.
 With only 6 members, it's easy to become a close knit group. We started a while back to celebrate important mlestone birthdays. Mary's was last April but due to family issues with 2 of our members, it had to be postponed. We also choose a theme that's meaningful to the birthday girl.
 Mary is our wonderful beader and we had great fun coming up with beading ideas. Mary emailed us to tell us she would be late - the day of....soooo We were so happy as we could then set up our surprise and have it ready when she arrived. We usually sneak off into the kitchen and do it bit by bit hoping not to be caught. The table was set with a natural colored silk noil fabric to go home with Mary for dyeing, napkins with beaded rings, a cake with beaded edge trim and beads on the table.
When she walked in, she received her crown, sceptor and beautiful scarf with"bead queen on board"
 Next, into the studio to make use of all the wonderful tools Denny brought for her Acouquilt and many die cuts. Actually she had a suitcase full a huge thanks to Denny for her generous and sharing spirit.
 It was very exciting and so fast and easy to do. We were all able to do many, many cuts.
For applique shapes, it's best to put a fusing on the back. With the Acouquilt, you can layer up to 8 fabrics including the fusing, lay them on the die, cover them with a thin plastic board and run through the machine.
 and voila!
 We all kind of staked out places to work...oops...what is that wine glass doing there?
 Onto to lunch.

 Next, into the family room for some show and tell. Mary has been making some darling fabric/felted bowls. The fabric has been further embellished with many surface design techniques we worked on at earlier FJ meetings.
 This is one of Gen's pieces from the last meeting when we did transfer dyes - really came out nice and colorful.
 Denny showed us an Ohio Star she recently finished and I think one of the prettiest I've ever seen. I love her choice and arrangement of fabrics, makes me think I might want to do one.
 Here is another one of Denny's memory quilts made of T-shirts from her husband. What makes this so appealing is that each block was bordered with a patchwork of fabrics adding so much more color and interest to the piece.
 Here is one of Val's luscious scarves she made in an eco-printing class she recently took.
and screened with "bead queen on board".
What a day! and what a group! them all!


  1. What a fun day and wonderful surprise for Mary!!!!

  2. SURPRISE?!?! I thought I escaped having to notice that milestone birthday…….so Yes, I was flabbergasted by the thoughtful and cheery celebration the FJ’s sprung on me. Thank you to all…….my heart is full!!