Thursday, November 10, 2016

SAFF - Southeast Animal Fiber Fair

The Southeast Animal Fiber Fair makes its way to Asheville every fall where they take over the buildings in the Ag center which are huge. You know you are in for a day of wonderful things to see, feel and buy. 
 If you are a knitter or a weaver, even better as most everything deals with rovings and yarn.
 I don't do either although I've always had a secret desire to knit, well.... I can knit a little and know how to make a simple scarf but that's the extent of it. I still love the hustle and bustle of these kind of events....
 and all the color, color everywhere...
 and the piles of curly rovings.
 This vendor was here last year and does the most magnificent Santas, this one is life size!
 Shelves of floss, yarn and every kind of fiber you can think of...
 and buckets where you can just reach in and touch - sooo soft.
 And speaking of soft, this sweet little French angora rabbit was at the fair for everyone to see and pet. He seemed to be quite calm with all the attention he was getting. I've always loved fur. My mother told me once, when I was a little girl - every Christmas I would get a new fur animal and I would have the fur worn off by the next Christmas...
Well, I couldn't bring that sweet little bunny home so I did the next best thing, brought home the most adorable teddy for my granddaughter; this little teddy is made of baby alpaca. You can't imagine how soft it is. I can only hope it makes it to my little Audrey  ( - :

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  1. I would enjoy this art fair so much!!! Just love wandering around and touching everything!