Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"I Went to Mood"

I am a big fan of Project Runway. Since day 1, guess my desire to be in the fashion world at an early age has stayed with me. I'm also from New York so the fabric store Mood, featured on Project Runway and located in the garment district in NY was a must see for me on a recent trip there.
 Well, this was my idea of Heaven. I have been in larger fabric stores but this was like none I've ever seen...SO MUCH FABRIC....EVERYWHERE.
 There are 3 floors including a home decor floor.
 Several large button walls....
 along with trims and laces.
 I was dizzy with happiness and impossible to wipe the smile off my face. My husband was the "husband of the year"being extremely patient as I walked down the aisles, touching the rolls and him taking lots of pictures for me.
 So if you're familiar with the show, designers are given a short time to sketch and come up with an idea.
 Then it's on to Mood for fabric. They are usually given a budget and around 30 mins to shop.

 Seriously  ?!!...30 mins...!
 There was so much fabric all on rolls and piled on top of each other. It was hard to see everything that was available.
 I thought I might bring back some quilting fabric and they did have cotton, but on rolls and geared more towards clothing.
 They also had leather pelts, fake fur...etc.
 and a classroom where they offer classes free if you buy fabric there.
And of course the famous dog Swatch who hangs out in the store all day long and is as sweet as can be. I did buy some dress goods as I still enjoy making clothing at times and I love woolens so woolens it was - not that unique I must say... but to me they were spectacular because I went to Mood!
As the designers would say..."Thank you Mood"


  1. Had I gone with you, I'd still be in the button and lace sections. I can imagine my husband in Mood. Once he discovered there are men's shirt patterns and he could pick out his own fabric, he buys more fabric than I do.

    1. Making a man's shirt is quite a sewing accomplishment...Your husband is a lucky guy to get custom made shirts !

  2. Dream trip! I would have been too overwhelmed to buy anything I bet!