Thursday, April 12, 2018

Fiber Junkies Collage - Pt. 2

Well, this really isn't part 2 as we're continuing 2 weeks later at our April meeting of Fiber Junkies. We decided to do some more experimenting on the art of collage this meeting.
 Denny finished the piece she started at the last meeting and it came out great.

She also went big this time and came with the background already prepared and in place. It was a wonderful collage of different fabrics including sheers, interesting papers and pattern pieces. The white area is where the focal point will go.

 Denny is creating a dressform out of various prints and solids. I believe she found the pattern in Susan Carlson's 2nd book on collage. Denny used a plastic film to draw a picture of the form which she then laid on gives you a good feel as to what it will look like....proportions etc.
 She then used her Go Baby die cut machine....
 to cut different size flowers in prints and solids to fill in the negative space. She used Tacky glue on the back of each fabric to hold in place. There are many ways to put pieces down permanently - fusing etc. but this is quick, easy and very effective.
 Gen was working on a wonderful bird on canvas board....what a cute face (both Gen and the birds!)
 Mary had silkscreened this felt with adhesive and then applied foil to create a beautiful backdrop for the moon and trees....many more trees were added, allowing the moon to peek through.
 Me and my love for trees...found this great picture...which I enlarged in photoshop and printed off (in 4 sections).
 I used clear plastic to trace it, allowing me to see how it looked on top of the fabric.
 I also did a tracing of the trees on tracing paper so I could shade them with a charcoal pencil.

I laid the plastic film over the background fabric to make sure the bears would be peaking through the trees. I've used this plastic for years as a design tool. It's a heavier plastic easily found in chain sewing stores....often used as a plastic tablecloth...@ $3 a yard and worth its weight in gold. I will now go back and fill in the tree area with different fabrics...don't know if it qualifies as a collage but I'm liking it so far.
And meanwhile.... back at the ranch, Denny is busy cutting flowers and placing them on her fabric.
This was one happy looking piece...can't help but smile when you look at it...Anxious to see how this and all the others turn out. I have company coming on Sat for a week so my bears will have to be on hold for a while.


  1. everyones project is amazing love what you did to the polar bears. thanks for the picks of the dress form pic can't wait to see how that ends up and those bright flowers I need those today

  2. I just commented on Mays blog I think this is the best show and tell you ladies have had!!!! Amazing work! Wow!

  3. Hello Judy! It's been so long, and your artwork continues to amaze. We are vending at the Greenville show this week. If you plan to stop in, please say hello. I now have white hair and some dark in the back and I have lost quite a lot of weight since I saw you last. We will also be at the NC Quilt Symposium, I have two good chances of seeing you in the next weeks. : )

  4. Judy, my email is Last computer pooped out a while back and lost my contacts.