Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Fiber Junkies - Collage

Fiber Junkies met a while ago to experiment with collage techniques. I've been busy getting ready for company and left my posting go and then realized -  FJ was early this month and we would continue with collage....so a double post coming up.  We actually meet tomorrow ....here...
In the meantime...here's a quick catch-up....As in all our meetings, once we hit the studio, we don't want to leave so have switched our show and tell to "first thing" when we meet. Mary did this piece for her son who lives in San Francisco (map in background) and loves to ride his bicycle. I think it's a great piece (made of paper)
Mary made this piece out of her extensive Japanese fabric collection (which she inherited). Mary is not a lover of Japanese fabric but she has managed to make some beautiful pieces from it.
and another quilt from Mary...started at our most recent retreat the beginning of March.
Gosh...is she speedy !!
Here is Denny's latest piece made in a batik workshop. The workshop itself ran for a number of weeks, allowing time between each session for the fabric to dry and cure before adding the next layer.
It's absolutely amazing to see....we had her stand with the light streaming in from a window behind her - looks like stained glass.
This is Denny's first attempt at batik....
So into the studio we went and started our collages. Denny and Gen had brought many books to share on the technique...my favorite was by Elizabeth St. Hilaire who works in papers she's painted and prepared herself.

On the right is a collage Gen had finished...

I particularly loved the hand stitching on the collage (on left). Denny was using Tacky glue to adhere the pieces to the background fabric.
She had a huge bag of tiny pieces left over from Flying Geese blocks....apparently, these tiny pieces are called - "goose poop"....Who Knew ?
Well, the goose poop was fun to work with;  Denny said it was so relaxing and kind of a no brainer as you just grabbed a piece and glued it down.
You can see that even though it was a no brainer, there's still a plan in place...pretty colors.

Gen showed us some rollers she had made to use in collage....and Yes...they are toilet paper rolls.
I really love this one with the fuzzy yarn which must give a really interesting texture when used.
Kate was working on a re-purposed piece started long ago...
and here is my silly piece. I really didn't know what to do or where to start but my wonderful friends got me started with fabric from Kate and "goose poop" from Denny. Tomorrow I have a whole new direction which I'm anxious to share.
Til next time or tomorrow....

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