Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Oceans of Fabric

Recently, most of my studio time has been taken up with making drapes for the family room. We have changed our look to something a little lighter and more updated. I found this drapery fabric in Joannes...and with a coupon was able to get it for 50% off...still $15. a yard but a good deal I thought.
Drapery fabric runs 54" wide so it can be difficult to manipulate... It's pretty much straight sewing but for me the hardest part is making the lining lie flat on the drapery fabric so it doesn't buckle when sewn. For this you need a space to work where fabric can lie flat.
I have big tables my husband made but still not wide enough....sooo...
I was able to put 2 of them together - luckily he made both of them the same height.
Of course, Fraggle had to supervise...
This part takes hours....cutting the lining, catching it under the side fold and ironing, ironing like there's no tomorrow to make sure it all lies flat....and pin, pin, pin...
and carefully lugging it over to machine for sewing. My studio was in shambles for almost 2 weeks...I moved bridge tables next to my machine so I had a place to lay fabric while sewing...Well, finally...I finished...and
this is the BEFORE...a much darker and more formal look...
and this if the AFTER. I went for full length drapes as I really liked the fabric and thought in this case - more was better. I also took down the wooden blinds which I loved and hated to part with but everyone voted and liked the "no blind" look better.
The drapes go very well with new chairs, rug etc...and am showing this picture to point out the pie crust table...which I know might be dated but has lots of memories. I grew up with that table and one of the funniest memories ..... when I was little my mother used to buy Nabisco Sunshine Crispy Crackers and the box had a waxy kind of paper covering...fun to trace with a pencil. One night I laid this waxy paper on the table and proceeded to trace the whole thing...only to find when lifted up I had carved the words Nabisco Sunshine Crispy Crackers into the table. It has since been refinished but mama wasn't too happy with me and my art skills.
So one good thing about getting rid of the blinds was the view out back is now more visible...
So back in my studio making quilts again...feels good to check the "drapes done" column !!


  1. That drapery fabric almost looks eco-dyed, very lovely and light. It looks great. I don't envy you the making though. Some things are worth paying to have done by someone else, and I think for me draperies would be in that category! But then again, could you find them pre-made in such a beautiful fabric? Well done!

  2. Yes, yes, yes….though I always loved your room as it was……I couldn’t agree more that the lighter, more modern style is so very flattering. That fabric was made just for you….so very, very YOU.….love the new chairs too. Anxious to see the transformation in person soon.

  3. Great Job. I made lined drapes once. It's a tough job and your's look and hang so nicely.

  4. Wonderful project! And reminds me I have 4 more Roman Shades to make for my neighbor. Well, I really haven't forgotten, maybe it's more a guilting me into remember I need to finish them! LOL