Friday, December 20, 2019

A Fiber Junkies Christmas

Our annual Fiber Junkies party took place at Gen's house...always fun with our small group. Gen showed us a sweater she knit for her "grand-dog". It was so elegant with cable stitching.

We decided this year to do a project rather than a gift exchange. Kate came up with this darling fabric pinecone which uses....
styrofoam, small pins
and small pre-cut squares of fabric. Using a fabric with some color variation makes for an interesting look. It really went very quickly - Susan's on the lower right.

Wine always makes it more fun and helps to make things look better.... All 5 are done except for the naked one which is mine...guess I got sidetracked somehow, but Kate sent me home with pins and fabric to finish....

Our luncheon this year was appetizers and the glorious cake that Denny always brings. She has claimed from day one that she makes it all ....every bit.....from grinding the flour, growing the sugar cane, raising the chickens for eggs....and with the help of elves that seem to show up when she's asleep, she wakes up to this magical, delicious cake...
It's always such fun and having Denny with us again has been a joy beyond words.
And if that wasn't enough, look at this luscious tray of cookies....HAND MADE by our Gen...oh my gosh, if I lived there I would be one giant baloon at the end of the holidays...PS...they were delicious!
Happy Holidays to all...may you all be blessed with the love of family and friends.

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  1. Same to you Judy! Hope the holidays and New Year are the best!!!! I drool every time you post on that Yule cake!!!