Tuesday, December 17, 2019

New York Pt. 2

Day 2 we headed towards 5th avenue to go downtown....started up near 54th st and saw some beautiful places. St. Patricks has always been one of my favorites. The cathedral is often open for anyone to enter. It reminds me so much of many of the cathedrals in Europe...such beautiful lines and architecture....

Saks 5th Avenue is right next to St. Patricks and another favorite as they decorate it so lavishly both inside and out. The building takes up a city block and the large windows always have a theme....this year "Frozen 2"...how appropriate...not only for the movie but for how COLD we were....brrrrrr......

I'm a creature of habit and don't like change...I remember when Saks had the ceiling covered with what looked like Fiber fil and filled with twinkle lights...They have scaled down...still pretty but not as magical. On to Rockefeller Plaza and the big tree...always a sight to see and definitely puts you in the holiday spirit.

Onto Bryant Park and more Christmas markets....If you're a Project Runway fan....this is where they hold Fashion Week....
The NY public library which is huge and beautiful...
and how I chuckled when I saw a Home Depot...elegant style....in the middle of NY City. We headed on down to Union Square for more markets, dinner and just soaking in the Christmas festivities.

The next day we headed on down....waaaayyyy down....to Canal Street. We did a lot of walking...most days I recorded 16,000 steps on my Fitbit which is a lot for this old body but this time around we took the subway. 

The markets were a bust but Canal Street was a fun and interesting place to see...not as festive or decorated but very much had the bones and grit a city.
Our favorite place to lunch in that area is Lombardi's pizza and it was yummy.
And we ate every last crumb....My daughter had gotten a tip from someone about a place that only served rice pudding....yup....don't know what you'll find in a big city like NY...it was called Rice to Riches...well lo and behold....there it stood across the street from Lombardi's...soooooo
of course we had to check it out....Very cool idea...so many kinds to choose from and samples freely given to help with the choice.
We had to force ourselves to try some...and settled on 2 different ones and then dug in...yummy although we didn't eat it all...
On to Little Italy....
pretty decorations and then to China town and up to Times Square.

Coming home by way of 5th Avenue, we saw that the street was blocked off in front of Saks and loud  Christmas music was playing....a light show had just started which was fantastic....As luck would have it, my camera ran out of juice at the beginning so I only got the first few seconds...but it was spectacular and a lovely way to end our stay....The best part ....spending time with my darling daughter...Happy Holidays everyone.

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  1. I love all the different architecture you see in N.Y.! Love the home depot! HA So much to see isn't there!!!! But you're doing a great job of it!