Thursday, December 19, 2019

Santa Tree

  I've wanted a Santa Claus tree for years after seeing one at my friends house...this was the year. We bought a tall, very narrow tree (known as a pencil tree); one that was frosted to look like snow. Below it's fully decorated and on the right with the lights on.
 It's in the living room so we can sit and see it from the family room at night.

 Besides the Santas, we wanted to add some whimsical items like big candy canes, red berries, white springs and curly que's. All were darling and added so much to the overall look.

We used lots of Santas - no two alike. I've been collecting for years and a nice and easy thing to bring home from a trip. I recently bought some in Switzerland and New York. Surprizingly, I remember where I got many of them.

 Some are fabric, some resin, paper or hand carved...I'm enjoying it so much, will be sad to take it down.

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