Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Marbled Jacket Finished

I'm finishing up my marbled fabric jacket; all that's left are buttons and buttonholes. For me, this is the most "un-fun" part and I always procrastinate. Recently I treated myself to a foot for sewing on buttons. Wow, what a difference. It literally took me 1-2 minutes to sew on 6 buttons.
The first step was to mark the placement of the buttons. I used a white chalk pencil, made a cross and centered the button over it.
Next, I lowered the foot down onto the button. You have to manually adjust the width of the zigzag so the needle hits the holes and not the button.
This amazing little foot has a bar running down the center. The needle moves back and forth over the bar. When done, you gently slide the button towards you. Having the bar there, raises the thread and creates a slack making the button easier to push through the buttonhole. I remember learning to sew buttons on clothing using a pin across the top.

And here's the finished piece - think I'm gonna like wearing this jacket.

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