Monday, October 12, 2009

Craggy Gardens, NC

John and I do a lot of short trips in the fall; we love the weather and of course the beautiful fall foliage. Recently we ventured up the Blue Ridge Parkway which is a national treasure; it runs from Virginia to Georgia. It's a 2 lane well paved country road; it meanders over and through the tops of the Blue Ridge mountains. It's slow going along this route, but the scenery will take your breath away. It runs through Asheville, NC so we can pick it up easily. Even trips to the mall will tempt me to take this route, I never tire of it. Our destination for this day was Craggy Gardens where the spookiest and craggiest of trees live. I see how it got its name.

I'm always fascinated by these trees and must have a hundred pictures already.
Love this next one with the peeling bark....
They have a "lacey look".

Onto even more spookier territory, the deep dark forests - love it!
And the beautiful views along the way; you could see forever, it seems!
And the Asheville Water Reservoir - a speck in the distance.

I love the colorful berries in the foreground.
Such a perfect day!

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