Friday, October 16, 2009

Goodbye Mr. Stripey

By August, I'm ready for summer to be over with the beautiful fall upon us and the holidays just around the corner. But I'm never ready to say goodbye to the beautiful flowers and veggies that are the best part of summer.
I've just heard that a frost is coming in so I've picked our last tomatoes. I'll savor every bite; it has to last until next year. This year we tried some different types of tomatoes. My son's school had a sale in the horticulture department; we bought many varieties including some heirlooms, we had never tried before. We fell in love with "Mr Stripey" a great name for a tomato. It's the one in front, very yellow-orange when ripe and has stripes on the bottom. When used in a salad, it looks like you've added peaches instead of tomatoes. The flavor is beyond good. I'm very psychological about things like this. I like tomatoes to be red, potatoes to be white etc. It's hard to get enthused when they're a color I don't picture them to be. When Mr. Stripey appears on the vine, I think, will this be as good as a real tomato? Well, real it was and I highly recommend you add this to your list of tomatoes if you grow your own.
My son also picked a bouquet of Dahlias, probably the last ones, and I'm really enjoying them.
And the beautiful Coleus which will not last much longer.
So Goodbye to Mr. Stripey and all the wonderful colors and tastes of summer, hope to see lots more of you next year!

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