Friday, October 30, 2009

Quotes and Quilts

I used to live in Marietta, GA and was part of several fiber art groups. Occasionally someone went out of town and would bring back a small treat - a fat quarter, some new thread, a new trinket of sorts. It was great fun and always a wonderful surprise; these "treats" came to be known as a "Happy". One of my favorite "Happys" was this wonderful little book with handmade paper. I wanted to save it for something special. After finding scraps of paper here and there filled with quotes, I thought my book to be the perfect place to hold them, so it became my book of quotes.
I stamp on the pages to "prettify" them and then add the quotes. They are from everywhere. Sometimes a movie will have a wonderful line (so many from The Hours), I write it down (in the dark, in the theatre) and it winds up here.  Sometimes it's just something one of my friends have said (very cool friends who say very profound things) winds up here. I like using quotes to write on fabric. Sometimes it becomes a silk screen and sometimes I'll just write it. My handwriting is terrible but I don't mind the way it looks on fabric.
My dear friend and very accomplished artist - Barbara Butler made this wonderful quilt many years ago. She used quotes she'ld been saving for over 30 years. I loved the fact that as you looked at it, many reflected the "sign of the times" One quote was "Peace" - definitely the 60s.
The first time my daughter saw this, she stood and admired, for 20 minutes - totally intrigued reading every quote.
It's a wonderful piece and a great way to use quotes or any other kind of writing. It's also a great idea for a scrap quilt.

If you're wanting to write on fabric, choose something made for fabric, textiles etc. so it's permanent. I use a Pigma pen. It also helps to back the fabric with freezer paper while writing to prevent shifting.
Have a great weekend and a spooky and wonderful Halloween, and don't forget to set your clocks back.  What are you going to do with that extra hour?

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  1. What a great way to use your favorite quotes, your special book or your friend's quilt. I too collect quotes. Some are just so special and meaningful.