Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Morning's Glory Quilt

Years ago I took a weeklong workshop with David Walker - a fiber artist "extraordinaire". He told us that whenever he finished a quilt, he would light lots of candles in his studio, turn off the lights (except for one on his quilt), open a great bottle of wine, put on his favorite music and enjoy the moment and what he had accomplished. I've always loved that; wish I could say I do the same, not as easy with people and pets around. About all I can manage is the wine. I did finish my quilt today and it does feel good. So here are some details.
While previewing it on the wall, my son said it needed more sparkle and I agree. The only way to incorporate it at this point was through the quilting. I didn't want the whole piece quilted with metallic, just a touch here and there.
I used a mylar which can be wicked to use but it was cooperating this time around. There is nothing better for giving glitz than a mylar; there's so much reflection.
I also used a couching thread - Candlelight by YLI in the bobbin and sewed from the back of the quilt. You can see the heavier threadwork.
I used a very subdued "non-descript" color to quilt the other areas so the quilting wouldn't be too dominant.
The extra threadwork on the flowers and leaves gave it more dimension which it needed.

I added more threadwork on the leaves and fabric curls.

I dyed the fabric for the back and used the same mylar in the bobbin so the back would be sparkly also.
I used to be a designer for the Fairfield Fashion Show. The show itself had many wonderful sponsors who gave us great products to use for our creations. As a result, I've built up an enormous thread collection including many decorative threads. Mylars are hard to use on the top of the machine because they break easily but work very well in the bobbin, so to use up these threads, I started using them in the bobbin. Before I realized it, many of my quilts had a "sparkly" back to them; I liked the look.
So now I use them all the time on the back.
I faced the quilt as I wanted the edges to be plain - without a binding. I used a clothing construction technique to face the quilts.
and here is the finished piece.
I was still stumped on a name but had a thought - when I walk in the morning (in summer), first thing I see outside are the Morning Glories and they are glorious - so Morning's Glory.


  1. Oh Judy! This is stunning! I adore the colors - some of my very favorite. I can't wait to see it in person...I'll do a toast for you tonight. Might even light some candles too!

  2. Hi Judy,
    This is so lovely! I love how you used the metallic threads. I tend to shy away from them because they can kind of "take over," but you've used them just beautifully here. I hope to see this quilt in person someday!

  3. This quilt has so much depth to it - even on the computer screen. All your hard work and extra touches have paid off in spades!