Friday, March 26, 2010

Fiber Junkies Pt.1 (or Every Little Boy's Dream Girl)

It's always the most magical day when Fiber Junkies meet. We have wonderful Show and Tell and a demo/project - this month, carving stamps taught by Carol Slaon. Carol is a mixed media artist whose talent is amazing. She's very spontaneous, thinks outside the box and works with the neatest and sometimes most unusual materials. She brought some synthetic fabrics she dyed/painted to show.

Carol loves working with paper - all kinds, and likes to use paints, dyes, drips of each to create her own unique look. She does lots of layering of processes to give each piece dimension.

Oftentimes, these pages are used to make a journal.
This old book was purchased at a Thrift store - the back and front cover removed to use in making a journal. I love the imagery on this book, a trip down memory lane for me.
And the back - Carol then binds her hand made pages along with "recycled" covers into a journal for herself.
I also love her embroideries which she'll use in her art pieces, no patterns - just doodling with a needle and thread.

Nancy B made her a present of a box to hold her treasures among which was a "Bug Wing" - you read that correctly. Carol loves bugs and bug parts to use in her art. I do have the most interesting friends.
And I'm thinking, hmmmmm - Carol is pretty, fun, loves bugs and bug parts. Is this every little boy's "Dream Girl" or what!
Stay tuned for more on Fiber Junkies.

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