Sunday, March 21, 2010


From this
and this
to glorious this! Yes! Is there anything more exciting than these pretty little crocus popping their heads through the soil?
The first signs of spring.
And Daffodils, so sunny and happy - reminds me of a story of long ago when I taught Home Ec. I was in a new school in a beautiful classroom on the main floor. The one side of my room faced into a small courtyard. You could get to the courtyard by going through a window in my room or the room next door. I don't know if that was intentional or a faux pas on the part of the overall design - either way I loved it. I felt like the courtyard was mine and mine alone. Someone early on planted hundreds of Daffodil bulbs in that area and every spring, it was ablaze with color. One of my students would happily oblige me by climbing out the window to pick lots and lots of these lovely flowers and then back through the window with an armful of sunny Daffodils. It was quite the adventure and a break from classroom work. The flowers were always on my desk and many bouquets were delivered to my teacher friends throughout the building. Needless to say I was very popular in springtime!
Happy Spring everyone!

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  1. What a contrast! The snow does look pretty though!

    I love daffs and I remember crocus from the year I spent in London when I was a child.