Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Western NC Quilt Guild

I had the great fun of presenting a lecture and workshop last week at the Western NC Quilt Guild in Hendersonville, NC. The guild is large, very active and also very enthusiastic. It's always nice to present your work to a room of smiling faces. I was able to get a few pictures at the meeting.
I loved the color movement in this piece!
The next day I taught a workshop called "Luscious Landscapes". Students were to use a photo to recreate a landscape in fabric. There were many fun texture techniques that were demonstrated such as fabric and thread crimping, thread fuzzies and twin needle work. We also touched upon using sheers such as tulle for shadowing and Angelina fibers for creating shimmer on mountains and water. This is just the starting point, can't wait to see them finished!
I didn't get all the names that went with each piece everyone gave me the go-ahead to post their piece in progress. The fabric choices were great and so interesting.
In this next piece, you can see the use of "tulle" as a mountain giving a sense of distance to the piece.

Off to a good start, I love the sky and waterfall.
The large tree in the foreground gives wonderful dimension to the piece. I also love the autumn color.

I love all the greens and shadows in this next piece.

Pat did this next piece, what a wonderful color eye she has - such an unusual combination of fabrics that work so well together!
Mary started this next piece based on a photo she took while in New Zealand. She plans to put some Angelina on the mountain tops to look like "glistening snow" - how cool is that!
Sarah started this next piece,  all fussy cut. It will have a lighthouse in the foreground. A beauty in person.
So, All my ladies - if you're reading this, I look forward to seeing your finished pieces. They're all so different, unique and wonderful (like yourselves).

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