Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Very Scary Dressform

Many years ago, I used to teach at a store in Atlanta called Sew Magnifique. The store was lovely but eventually closed and sold off much of the inventory - one of the things being this interesting dressform. I felt an instant connection with it, having used one all my life. I really wanted this one. It was not adjustable, not my size (wishful thinking) and probably wouldn't be used for its intended purpose, but still I had to have it! It was a great looking antique for a studio and I LOVED the legs! I'ld never seen a dressform with legs before. I've used it occasionally to hold a garment but never for fit. It's actually come in handy for the wedding gown, but back on track. It's first home was my upstairs studio in Marietta, a large space with lots of windows. The only spot left "unfilled", was near a window, so near the window it went.
On nights when the moon shone bright and into the studio, the reflection of the dressform appeared on an adjacent wall - well how scary is this! (below). I can't tell you how many times I jumped out of my skin, walking into that room in the dark, and at a quick glance, seeing what looked like a person "hanging" Yikes!
What a funny system for hanging. I have to slip everything over the feet. The rod on top does lift off, but it's quite heavy. In this studio, I learned my lesson, I keep something thrown over the top to hide the "hanging system". No more "jumping out of my skin" for me!

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