Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fiber Arts Alliance

The meeting of the Fiber Arts Alliance met yesterday in Asheville. I know I've mentioned what a very talented group this is. There's a tremendous variety of skills from weaving, to felting, knitting, quilting, dollmaking and the list goes on. The Show and Tell portion of our meeting is always such a highlight. It leaves our minds in a spin and our souls full of inspiration. Sally Fargo did this "self-portrait" of herself, the texture is wonderful to see in person. Notice the 3-D earrings and necklace and surprise
on the back where a picture of herself is the label, Very Clever - Sally!

Trish Hendershot did this next piece in a weeklong workshop with Marilyn Wall at John C. Campbell Folk School. Students were to bring a picture for inspiration. Marilyn teaches wonderful landscape techniques utilizing texture and painting. Not only is Marilyn a wonderful teacher, but apparently also has wonderful students. This is the "inspiration" photo.
The top ferns are off the edge applique giving it so much dimension and interest.
The turtles are amazing - just want to reach out and touch them.
The rocks are very realistic. Marilyn often encourages students to paint commercial fabric to add more realism, shading and dimension to the piece.

A wonderful day! 

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  1. Judy, thanks for the kind words. Trish is an artist all I did was guide her a little.