Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I love Spring!

It's a rainy overcast day today - I'm glad I took pictures of our flowers yesterday. The Iris are in full bloom; they don't last long but are spectacular when they're here.
This is my favorite - the 2-tone.

Love this big bed of white ones - we started with a very small amount someone had given us.
And Lobilia...
Not sure what these are - my husband and son are the gardeners and experts. I just love to look at them.

And the Amarillos are past peak but still beautiful this past week!
And Columbine, I love the trumpet like flower.
The Fat Albert is by far my favorite thing. This one has been in for @ 3 years.
What tickles me the most is the new growth on the tips - it's a blue-ish green and so pretty.
Have a good day!

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