Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fiber Collages

I've been doing little "fiber studies" a fun thing to do when you're short on time. While making the wedding gown, I often needed a break to work with some color and also something quick and easy. These are different from the fabric postcards as they're a little bigger and the edges are unfinished. They're a standard size so can be matted and framed easily. There is some machine stitching but mostly hand stitching using large stitches and floss or decorative thread. I've really enjoyed the handwork. I used to love doing handwork but developed a "benign essential tremor" many years ago. It's not life threatening nor does it hurt - just a nuisance. My hand is shaky which makes doing fine handwork a long lost luxury, but doing large stitching is fun and easy for me.
Many of my fabrics are those I made but will go back and add "more" interest to the surface. One of my favorite stamps/stencils is the material below, found at construction sites and used when laying tiles.  It gives the most interesting effect (see above, lower left corner).
And screening which is fun to use for overlays and also tones down areas of color.
Gauze is another great choice; it works like a transparent fabric. I like to pull threads from different areas and leave long threads. It's great for overlays.
I've saved stamps over the years from far away countries. My cousin was a missionary in Indonesia so I have a lot from there. I finally found a place to use them.

Been having fun.

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