Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hello Again...It's official, I'm now a Mother in Law!

Hello again, it's been quite a while I know. It gets harder and harder to bounce back, even from wonderful weekends! The wedding was amazing - 3 days of great fun, many hugs, a few tears, tons of smiles, reunions with family members and old friends and making wonderful memories. It couldn't have been more perfect. We were all a little nervous with the weather as it was an outside affair. The hourly report was 10% chance of rain until it reached 5:00 when it changed to 30% chance. Guess what time the wedding was - 5:00 but luck was with us and although very hot, we had beautiful clear blue skies. I've been dragging this week and only have the 1 picture to share. I will share more later in the week. The bride was gorgeous, the groom very handsome, the gardens amazing, food yummy and so on and so on.
In the meantime, I did go to my fiber group in SC. I haven't seen these gals in so long and it was such a great day. I wanted to share some of the fabulous yard art from hostess - Barbara Tennysons' beautiful gardens. I love the heads on these poppies. I think I want to throw this into photoshop and make it into a line drawing and perhaps a silk screen - the shape is great.
This might be a better candidate for a screen.

Wow, I know things grow big in the warm climate of SC but really now! I love this metal sculpture of a rose
which is right next to this structure of an old window standing upright with a sitting area in front.

I've always wanted a bottle bush, they add so much color.

And what to do with some big logs - make it a haven for some lazy frogs. How cute is this!
Promise to return soon with more wedding photos - thanks for joining me.

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  1. Wow Judy! The wedding gown is just beautiful, as is the bride. Well done on both counts!

    Thank you so much for the inspirational photos of that amzaing garden! I was feeling creatively drained and now I'm all fired up and ready to go - in a direction I had forgotten about!