Monday, May 3, 2010

More Talented Friends

Well, it's raining hard this morning - a gloomy Monday, but we did a lot of planting yesterday so the garden is happy and a good "work in the studio" day as I'm not itching to be outside! I have more pictures to share of some very talented friends I had the great fun of visiting a little while back. Pat Kilburg is a fiber artist turned mixed media and now onto encaustic painting. She's a gal of many talents and each new direction leaves me fascinated. Encaustic painting uses wax which has been colored or sometimes the "colorless" wax is laid on top of an image. It's an unusual and interesting look.The thin layers of wax can be etched and more color laid on top to fill in the etched areas, so many interesting techniques with this form of painting.

Colorless wax can be applied on some areas giving a more opaque look while leaving some areas untouched.
This next one is my favorite being a lover of old photos. This was coated with colorless wax, parts of it etched away and more color laid down to fill in the etched areas - also giving great dimension to the piece. Pat was saying that as many as 20 very thin layers of wax can be laid down on a single painting set with heat between each layer.

Priscilla Hair is also a fiber artist who works with mixed media, always trying new things so it was a treat to see her again and as always left me so inspired.
The 2 things I like best on this piece - the wonderful textured background and the great use of threads on the bottom.
This next piece was painted on fabric or canvas. I really love the imagery and all the wonderful subtle colors you find as you pour over the piece.
Priscilla works on prestretched canvases, painting them first, adding fabric and other found objects to the surface.
This next piece is a book cover made with rusted fabric strips that are woven - I love the raw edges. My "Home Ec" genes fight me on this. Someday I'm gonna rebel, rip strips and use the raw edges.
and a detail - how clever!
Priscilla is also a wonderful teacher . If you ever have the chance to take a workshop with her - RUN, don't walk to sign up! You'll love it!

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