Saturday, June 26, 2010

Focus June Meeting Pt.2

Hi again, continuing on with my Focus group and the many talented members - I was talking about a challenge this group is doing to be displayed at the Blue Ridge Arts Council in Seneca, SC. Marge did this wonderful piece based on a piece of petrified wood she had. I look at this and wonder - is it made of fabric or wood? It's so dimensional, I feel like I could get splinters if I touched it.
Marge is also a weaver and created this wonderful long scarf she plans to cut it in half for her daughter and daughter in law - lucky gals! I was so fascinated by this piece; she wove it, then felted it and all the while, both sets of yarns being intertwined with each other! They do not come apart. It's amazing to see and impossible to figure out - I love pouring over pieces when I can't figure out the process - this is one of those.

At the last Focus meeting, Marge was sharing with us a new "quilt in the works" - just on paper for the moment, but since last month, she has come up with a wonderful color palette. I'm not a piecer so this kind of work truly fascinates me. Marge plans to take her time with this, it's a king size quilt and many pieces.
Dixie Haywood did this wonderful piece for the wood challenge. Her dad was a woodworker and made everything in these photos, including the playpen. I'll post the full view next time. It's wonderful.

Marilyn took a workshop a while back on creating faces in fabric. This is her granddaughter.
And this is the photo recreated in fabric, still not done but a great start.
I was fascinated with the branches on the trees which Marilyn created by stitching on water soluble stabilizer.
Marilyn has also created a piece for the wood challenge based on a photo of a log and ferns.
And notice the face in the lower left - it's very subtle.
A good meeting!

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  1. What a talented group, they are loukcy to have you as a member! Loved killer the woven scarf!