Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Looking Up

Last week on a morning walk, I luckily had my camera with me. I don't always remember to do that, but this morning I did. I love looking up and seeing the wonderful silhouettes of trees and other things soooooo - I took some pictures and put them into Photoshop Elements to play with. It's fun to try the different filters. This one is the "poster edge" which I use a lot.
I also tried "photocopy" which is a good filter to use if you're wanting to make it into a silkscreen; it's necessary to have sharp edges.
This next filter which was "stylize - find edges". I thought this was the best one for making into a screen - some interesting texture lines.
After making it into a screen, I transferred the image onto some "sky" fabric which I microwave dyed for a mottled effect. I like the results and also the fact that it doesn't jump out and say "I'm a tree" - just some interesting texture.
Tomorrow, wonder what I'll find on my morning walk. Sometimes walks are very ordinary but sometimes they lead to something great - hope tomorrow is a "great" one.

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