Friday, June 18, 2010

Waiting Impatiently

I've been planning the colors for my Sunrise quilt - kind of muted, grayed colors. I found the perfect swatches of color but didn't have enough dye to proceed, still waiting impatiently for the order. I work with a lot of procion mx dye; I know there's lots of great formulas out there for mixing hundreds of colors but over the years, and before I knew of the formulas, I started buying lots of different colors. It was not very cost effective, I admit but they're there when I want them (most of the time). As each new jar of dye enters my studio, I dye a large swatch of fabric. I do both cotton and rayon since I use both in quilts. It's hard to judge a color by the tiny little colored paper square on the color chart. I need LARGE so here you go. After each swatch is dyed I do a sample discharge - 1 for Softscrub, 1 for diluted bleach and 1 for discharge paste. You wouldn't think there would be a difference, bleach is bleach right? Not always - take a look. I like to know how a color will discharge since this is a process I also use a lot. These are some of the colors I'm thinking of using.

I also do swatches for silk; I have found having these samples invaluable over the years.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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