Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset Quilt - Playing with paper patterns

I found this wonderful picture which was my inspiration for the flowers growing up the trellis for the "sunrise/sunset" quilt. What appealed to me most was the "aging" wood at the bottom. I wanted to use that look in the trellis. I cropped the flower picture after making many duplicates; I wanted lots of little pattern pieces to work with.

I also played with the colors in photoshop. I wanted something softer that would work with the sky colors. I used the hue/saturation slide under Enhance to get a more pastel look - bottom of post.
Looking through my photo files I found a number of possibilites for "aged wood"
which I cropped after making duplicates to give me lots of possibilites. This might be a little strong. I'll have to print it on fabric and play with it on the design wall.
I also liked this photo with the "sunbeam" on the wood.
This next one is a good possibility - a little more subtle.
By playing with the color variation under enhance, color adjust and variation, I removed some of the blue. I like this; don't know if it will work but will have to get flower fabric dyed up first to see.
And then to make them into a "picture package" to cut apart and use as patterns.
This is the fun part, almost like playing with paper dolls.
I have flowers, wood and skies to make my paper collage.
The quilt is to be 32" x 42" so as luck would have it, a piece of graph paper is 32 squares by 42 squares. I didn't have to tape anything together - each square is 1". You can see the different colors on the flowers from the original. I think they work better with the sky. I wanted it to be a semi-abstract look with sky intermingled with an aging wood trellis and flowers winding up the wood.
Next step is to paint the fabric with mx dye for the flowers. I'm almost out of the colors I want to use so I need to call in an order. Now I'm anxious and don't want to wait, but what's a gal to do. I suppose I could clean or catch up on laundry - nahhhhhh. Talk to you soon.

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