Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Trees and Magazines

I've been feeling out of touch with my studio lately, no new work to share and realized I have some "semi-new" work I've never posted.  Last year I did a series (still ongoing) on trees.  This is possibly my favorite time of year for trees - no leaves, just the amazing shapes of branches set against gray skies.  I get my best pictures now despite the cold temperatures (17 degrees today), I'm out there snapping away.  This particular piece is my Trees III - Blue. I used a silkscreen of one of my grandmother's recipes so her writing would be part of the quilt; the right side is a tree upside down.
 I did an image transfer of a brick wall and manipulated the color in photoshop before printing it out.  I screened the same trees on top - this time right side up.
 I also screened the dots and "Fleur de Lis" on fabric I had made.
 I found an old piece of Shibori from a workshop years ago (top). The larger piece to the left is deconstructive silk screened fabric, a technique we've been exploring in my Fiber Junkies group.  It's great fun to do but creates a very busy fabric and sometimes hard to incorporate into a quilt. It worked for me this time.

 The middle strip is a screen my friend Val made for me out of a piece of cheesecloth. It gives great texture and a screen I use a lot!

 And the finished piece.
 And to my surprise, this morning a copy of Quilt Life magazine arrived.  I knew I was to be one of the featured artists in the February issue but didn't expect it so soon. Soooo....
 Here is my quilt - Trees III - Blue. It's nice to see in print and they did a nice job on the article.
Hope you get a chance to read it.


  1. Wow! Your work should be featured... I need to find and read that article.
    Great work!
    Hugs from Mary