Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Clever Idea

Several posts ago, I shared some pictures of a hand carved Santa given to me by my friends Joe and Dina.  It was carved on an old wooden spool so already had the hole in the middle.  I asked my husband to come up with a way to display it as I wanted to keep it in my studio year round.  My husband has his own little holiday traditions also, one is to save the live Christmas tree until the following year, cut it up and burn the tree trunk on Christmas day.  We didn't have the chance to do that this year as we were out of town so the trunk was still outside waiting to be put to good use!
 And it was - my hubby cut it and drilled a hole in it to hold a dowel. The other end placed in the spool - thought that he was a most clever fella!
 I actually like the idea of these little stands for holding other things....hmmmmm...

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