Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lake Santeetlah

I'm at my friend Karens home in Lake Santeetlah; we're getting ready to go to JC Campbell for the marbling workshop which Karen is teaching. I'm going to assist and that's very exciting for me, Karen is so wonderful at what she does - I'm looking forward to learning the interesting and intricate techniques she'll be covering.  I've been a fabric marbler for over 20 years but there's so much to it. 
Well, first things first, I'm enjoying my stay at Karens. She comes from a long line of artists and everywhere you look, there's some piece of beautiful artwork from handmade rugs, to pottery to this wonderful mosaic table below.  This was made by Karen's mother - Jean Reese.  She used broken pottery and dishes. 
The broken dishes had a garden theme, some of the plates had seed packet printing on them. Other dishes had pictures of vegetables on them. Combined, they worked into an interesting look.
Jean did a beautiful job on designing the table, her use of color and placement.
 This wonderful birdbath outside - also done in mosaics.
 This is a sundial salvaged from a fire from many years ago just tucked into a big rock.
 There's a fabulous "bottle" garden along the edge of the lake.
Some of the bottles are violins
 and green cars.
 But the best part - the VERY BEST PART - is the view out the big windows as you walk in the house.  It takes your breath away.
 And waking up to this in the morning...
 and the beautiful winter trees.
It is so beautiful and peaceful here, don't think I want to leave. Karen thinks she's getting me to leave tomorrow - HA! I'll be kicking and screaming.

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  1. Just beautiful! What an amazing part of the world to live in!