Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Marbling and Dyeing Pt. 2

To continue with our Marbling and Dyeing week, on tuesday, we were ready to dive right in with marbling We used fabrics we brought as well as the ones we dyed.  Marbling involves laying paint on a clear thickened solution, using rakes and stylus's to make a pattern and then lowering the fabric so it touches the surface and picks up the paint.  The paint connects to the fabric permanently and instantly because of the alum in the fabric - it's also instant gratification. Below, Karen is getting ready to demonstrate on a sparkling new tray of methyl.  The first prints are always so exciting with clean methyl as the methyl does tend to get murky quickly.
 Karen is going to do the Spanish Wave - a pattern which is difficult to master and one of the reasons I signed up for this class. It's a really beautiful pattern and one I've wanted to learn for some time.
 And a perfect wave.
 Karen uses this pattern a lot in her work, truly she has mastered it!
 One of my favorite pieces that she has created is a Spanish Wave with a hand drawing of a baby in the wave - can you see it below.  She has even done some for babies in her family, how personal and wonderful is that!

 Here is a detail of the baby.
 Karen will take several pieces of marbled fabric and incorporate them into one piece.
 There were only 5 in the class, how lucky for us to have all that space and attention from Karen!
 I did a lot of Spanish Waves and was happy to learn the technique. As you can see, I'm far from mastering it but I know it will take some practice.

I've done a lot of marbling; my second book was on marbling, but strictly the traditional patterns which I've always liked doing. This week was an eye opener for me. I learned so many different ways to marble and am excited to see what I'll do with the fabric.
More to follow.


  1. Oh, WOW! I think you're a pro already!
    Hugs from Mary

  2. It was fun seeing your photos and reading about our week at the Folk School. Let's get together at the lake for more marbling!