Sunday, January 22, 2012

Marbling and Dyeing at JCC

I had a wonderful week dyeing and marbling at John C Campbell Folk School.  We were in Keith Hall in the basement which is a big space with good light and windows.  The first day we dyed 57 different colors using complicated formulas.  I had the presence of mind to rip off a long swatch of each piece; I  labeled each in case I want to duplicate it; I usually get caught up in the moment and don't think that far ahead. 
 We made some great fabric to marble on top of, some were too pretty to cover.  We dyed a large color range. As I look on the stacks of fabric at each person's table, it's hard to believe we did it all in one day!
 I was one very tired puppy at the end of day one!
 The next step was to alum the fabric for marbling.  The process involves soaking the fabric in an alum solution and allowing it to drip dry.  Since it was so cold out, we couldn't hang outside and our hanging lines inside were in cold places. It was taking way too long for the fabric to dry.  I brought some line back to my room and hung it from the curtain rod and placed old towels I brought underneath
 to a hook behind the bathroom door.....
and put up additional slats for hanging in the shower.  I couldn't take a shower until my fabrics were dry - but I do have my priorities!
Stayed tuned for day 2 - and let the marbling games begin!

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