Friday, March 16, 2012

Small Works - Dear Alice

I really like doing small pieces; I can try new ideas and products without a large investment of time or materials.  My latest piece - "Dear Alice" features many fabrics I made myself - my favorite part. 
 The image for the Fleur de Lis was from a Dover coloring book which offers lots of copyrite free images.  I made the image into a silkscreen and used it on top of hand dyed fabric.  I quilted it with a glitzy thread.
 One of my favorite silkscreens is one I made from my mother's autograph book from the 1930s.  There are so many great pages from that book; I "over-use" this one but I love the handwriting. I also used another Fleur de Lis motif in the corner.
 The top border has more screened images.
 The bottom border has images that were made with discharge paste.
 And it's hard for me to resist putting a tree in somewhere so there you go - one in the side border. I also used a glitzy thread to quilt that area.
 I like to use couching thread to define areas and add a little glitz. Sometimes, the color is too bright.  There are not too many choices in couching threads soooooo..
 I pull off several yards and dip it in Dye na Flow paint which has the consistency of water.  It will not change the metallic part of the thread but it will darken or change the rest just enough.  I only use a few yards at a time so this little trick comes in handy.
 I have about 4 more little pieces waiting for the final tweaking.
So "Dear Alice" was born out of one of my favorite pages in my mother - Alice's autograph book.

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