Sunday, March 11, 2012

PTA Retreat

Our 4th annual PTA retreat happened last week and if possible, it was even better than the year before. We had 3 wonderful days at Lake Logan with a huge community room for sewing, a dining hall that fixes all our meals, a house that holds all of us and 11 of the nicest ladies I know. It's non-stop laughing, sharing, snacking, sipping, sewing etc. Our first night, we have a little contest, this year was our Bucket List.  We were to write on 3 separate pieces of paper, 3 things on our Bucket List. The group then has to guess who wrote it. I recommend this activity with a glass of wine or champagne.
 It was Gen's birthday and the dining hall made her a cake much to her surprise. She was sung to by everyone present. Luckily, there were 2 other groups there. This is also a great activity to do with wine.
 Well back at the house awaited another cake. Can you have too many cakes on your birthday?  I don't think so! And with the kind of candles that don't blow out. Gen is such a good sport, we all had a good laugh over that.
  On to the community sewing room, Leigh Ann was working on a simple but very interesting quilt .  We all try to pick easy projects so we can talk all day without messing up.
 Georgia was working on a quilt for a wedding gift - for this WEEKEND - yikes! Well I think she decided to show the blocks and a picture of what it would look like - smart!
 Kate, Mary and I often do a project together. Mary had tons of blacks and whites she wanted to get rid of and Kate had lots of solids so we put together these tops. Kate made a very clever back (on the left) for her quilt on the right.
 And the 3 quilts which will be donated to a children's hospital in SC. Kate has a long arm and volunteered to quilt them all - Thanks Kate!
 The last day, Kate and Mary made another top. I filled in the gap with pressing, sewing etc - kind of a sewing gopher. I'm not a piecer and knew I wouldn't finish a third on my own.
 At night we played Rummikub - it's a lot of fun but really really fun when you drink champagne while playing. Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

 We were very careful to "recycle" (-:
 On the last day we got to see a quilt that Georgia was working on - a quilt passed down from her great-grandmother - Lottie Saylor. It's quite beautiful and all the hand quilting is being done by Georgia. She's been working on it for years but it will be a masterpiece when done and such an accomplishment.
 Kate went home with the "bird" and matching necklace. Every now and then, the bird finds a new home with one of our members - none of us really want him, but it's just not a choice. We'll go home and there he is inside our suitcase or some other unexpected place. It's up to the current owner to find him a new home.  Well, I think he's going to love being with Kate, doesn't she look overjoyed to have him!?
It was a wonderful 3 days, we've already got our reservations for next year and have started counting the days.

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