Monday, March 5, 2012

"Inspired By" Exhibit continued

In my last post, I showed pictures of some of the wonderful pieces from the "Inspired By" exhibit at Mid Atlantic last week.  There were 13 of us who made a piece for the exhibit; here are the rest of them.  My piece - Hummingbird Magic (since renamed "Sweet Nectar") was inspired by Martin Johnson Heade who is known for his swampy settings, flowers and vines - right up my ally. 

 Gen Grundy did a wonderful piece inspired by G. Klimt.
 Dort Lee does the most wonderful pictorials. I can see the inspiration from her chosen artist - Edouard Vuillard.
 I love the piece that Connie Brown created inspired by artist Wolf Kahn. I think she captured it so well!

 Janice Maddox created a very colorful piece inspired by artist Paul Klee.

 Lynne Harrill was inspired to create a piece based on the artwork of Sewell Sillman.
 Georgia Bonesteel has always loved the artist Charley Harper. She also loves chickens which she raises, so she combined the 2 to make this wonderful piece.

This was really one of the most fun challenges and was well received.
     Tomorrow I'm off to my annual PTA retreat. This will be our 4th one - they just keep getting better and better.  There are 10 of us going, when I return, I'll have lots to share along with lots of pictures including photos of "empty" wine bottles, finished or close to finished quilts, bags under our eyes from lack of sleep and LOTS and LOTS of new laugh lines!
Til then, have fun creating and just enjoying the coming of spring.

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